You Irritate Me // Chapters

Captain Dipshit/ Chapter One
Mr. Grumpypants/ Chapter Two
Stabby McStabberson/ Chapter Three
Pretty Boy/ Chapter Four
Blabbermouth/ Chapter Five
Poor Little Cry Baby/ Chapter Six
Heinous Asshat/ Chapter Seven
Jordan Taylor Hanson/ Chapter Eight
Iron Chef Bobby Flay/ Chapter Nine
Buddy/ Chapter Ten
Oh Taylor/ Chapter Eleven
Bizarro Taylor/ Chapter Twelve
Joe Camel/ Chapter Thirteen
Douchenozzle/ Chapter Fourteen
Something/ Chapter Fifteen
Wuss/ Chapter Sixteen
Snarky McBitch/ Chapter Seventeen
Nigel Barker/ Chapter Eighteen
Spazzy the Boy Wonder/ Chapter Nineteen
Dick/ Chapter Twenty
The Hallway Rapist/ Chapter Twenty-One
Speedy Gonzales/ Chapter Twenty-Two
Rock Star Sex God/ Chapter Twenty-Three
The Assholes/ Chapter Twenty-Four
Boyfriend/ Chapter Twenty-Five
Supposed Best Friend/ Chapter Twenty-Six
Attention Whore/ Chapter Twenty-Seven
Giant Flaming Assbag/ Chapter Twenty-Eight
Doofus/ Chapter Twenty-Nine
BFFs or Return of the Rock Star Sex God/ Chapter Thirty
Epilogue/ Prompt #86
Author’s Note

2 thoughts on “You Irritate Me // Chapters

    1. They’re all fixed!! I’m having to go through and update them all by hand which takes a lot of time. They’re up to date now, though! 🙂

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